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Guest Post:  Protecting Your Antiques & Creating Unique Tables With Glass

Guest Post: Protecting Your Antiques & Creating Unique Tables With Glass

A simple sheet of glass can not only protect your valuable antique furniture, but it can also help you create a new piece of furniture from a previously unusable item.  In this week’s guest post, learn how you can use glass in your home to create something beautiful.

Glass table tops are very versatile – more versatile than you may expect. A thick glass table top can be used  as the entire top surface of a table or as a protective top cover on an existing table.  You may also opt for a thinner glass table top – say, 1/4-inch thick – which is recommended solely as a protective top surface.

In addition to the thickness of the glass, be aware of the clarity of the surface.  When it comes to clarity, look for low-iron glass, which is perfect for showing off the colors of an antique.  Low-iron glass lacks any such green hue on the edging of the glass and is nearly invisible.

Many glass and mirror companies offer the ability to custom create a table top exactly to your specifications — be it square, rectangle, or circular.  This is extremely useful when you’re looking for a protective topping cover for an antique, and why so many people find custom glass table tops so special – and useful!

Following are some furniture pieces created with glass, which offers not only a protective surface over an antique, but also brings new function to an old furniture piece.

Custom glass table

The above picture is of a Wheeled Antique Coffee Table — and it shows how a simple glass table top can turn a piece of antique furniture into a fully functional and beautiful coffee table.

Custom glass-topped table


This is surely a delicate table made out of mango wood. The glass does a great job protecting the wood from daily wear and tear, staining, and scratches.  For added safety, just use some non-slip spacers and the table top will not move.

Glass to protect antiques

To illustrate how a table top can be cut to your specifications, check out this very large table with unique corners.  If accuracy of your measurements is a concern, there are ways to not only take measurements for most standard-shaped tables to match the top’s shape exactly, but also to get a precise cut.  Because antiques are rarely perfectly round or square, it may be wise to have an on-site “laser measurement” to allow for that precise cut.

unique glass table

Antiques don’t always have to be made out of wood – they don’t even have to start out as tables.  In this example, we see a Glass Top Bird Bath Table.  It shows what a little bit of creativity can produce with a glass table top. And, it is one way to add beauty and elegance to the outdoors of your home. This table could even be taken a step further, by filling the inside with seashells and coral from the beach.

No matter how you end up protecting your antiques or creating your custom tables, you can see that the possibilities are endless with a simple glass table top!


About the Author

Shahab Shokouhi is a writer at Dulles Glass and Mirror – a manufacturer of commercial and residential glass products including glass table tops, mirror mastic, and shelf brackets.

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