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Guest Post:  6 Style Ideas for Small Spaces

Guest Post: 6 Style Ideas for Small Spaces

Small spaces can mean big style, but you must design your space carefully to maximize storage and function.  In today’s guest post, written by Sally Hall with BoConcept, learn some tricks for making your small space feel larger and maximizing its style.

Having a small amount of space doesn’t mean that you can’t have a stylish and interesting room. Designs for small spaces can be just as good, if not better, than larger rooms – you just have to approach them differently.

Whether you have a small kitchen, bedroom, living room, or entire apartment there are a few fantastic style tips that can make a huge difference. Below is a guide to some of these brilliant style and design ideas that will help you make the most out of your small space.

1) Decorate With Plain, Light Colours

One of the first things to think about is the decoration of the room. Smaller spaces benefit from lightly coloured walls: cream, white, or pastel colours are all great design choices for more bijou spaces. The lighter décor makes the entire room appear brighter resulting in it feeling more spacious that it actually is. Lighter colours really open up the room and make it feel like a more welcoming and happier place.

You may choose to have one accented wall. This would mean that while most of the walls are a single, blank colour, one wall might have patterned wallpaper or a different colour. This would add a bit of personality to the room, yet wouldn’t remove too much of the light, resulting in a stylish and attractive design.

2) Maximise Natural Light

Another fantastic style idea that is perfect for small spaces is to maximise the natural light in the room. There are two main ways of doing this: windows and mirrors. By dressing down the windows you will allow more natural light into the room, ultimately making it look more spacious. It will also mean that you can admire the wonderful view from outside and welcome the outside in.

Secondly, you should consider adding mirrors to the room. This is a great way of maximising the natural light as it will reflect off the mirrors and bounce around the room.

multipurpose bed

3) Use Multipurpose Pieces of Furniture

Investing in multi-purpose pieces of furniture is a helpful style idea. The obvious issue with small spaces is the lack of room, and multi-purpose pieces of furniture can go a long way to helping with this problem.

An example of a very stylish and great piece of furniture is a folding table. This is particularly useful if it is the room that you will eat meals in that is lacking in space. A dining table that can go up against the wall and fold out to be used at meal times is a great style investment.

You could also think about buying seating that is also storage. You can buy chairs or sofas that can be opened up and used as storage, which is a brilliant way to save space.

4) Use Vertical Storage Space

Although you might be struggling for floor space, this doesn’t mean that you can’t maximise the vertical space of the room. A great style idea for storage in small spaces is to install tall cupboards, shelves or other kinds of storage.

If you have a lot of books, one great style idea is to cover one wall in bookshelves. This would create one accented wall, as previously mentioned, which would be an excellent design choice for small spaces seeking to maximise storage while also having a stylish design.


5) Lose the Clutter

Clutter makes rooms look a lot smaller, which is the exact opposite of what you want. Keeping things on view and taking up all the available surfaces can make even a big room feel claustrophobic.

If you lose the clutter and go with simple accessories your room will seem a lot bigger. Maximising storage as aforementioned is a simple and easy way of reducing clutter quickly. A table with no more than one photo frame or lamp on it works very well in small spaces, as it makes the room appear more spacious.

6) Think Free-Standing

Finally, another fantastic style tip for small spaces is to invest in freestanding accessories. Freestanding lamps, tables and even storage can work very well in small spaces.

Having the freedom of being able to move things around is great and means your room is more flexible. Having beanbags or ottomans as extra seating is a great style choice. This is particularly useful if you want to move seating to accommodate guests watching a film.

Small rooms can be extremely stylish and can still offer a large variety of designs. With these six style tips you should be more prepared to decorate your small space perfectly.


BoConcept is a modern furniture retailer offering a range of high quality contemporary furniture in the UK.


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