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Easy Personalized Christmas Stockings

Easy Personalized Christmas Stockings

Christmas stockings are a family tradition.  My mom quilted beautiful stockings for my sisters and I when we were little, and she still hangs them up each Christmas.  But, unfortunately, I haven’t had enough time to create handmade stockings for my family; so, I decided I would make use of the resources around me to create personalized stockings in a flash.

I hesitate to even call this project a tutorial of any sort, because it’s just far too easy to accomplish.  As an added bonus, you can make these ever-so-cute Christmas stockings for just a few bucks with some careful shopping and a little time.


Red Christmas stocking

I found these Christmas stockings at an after-Christmas clearance sale at a local discount store.  Of course, since it was at least a week after Christmas, the store didn’t have 4 stockings in the same color, which is probably why these little beauties were available at all (and, since I have 2 kiddos and a husband, 4 is our magic number).  They feature a lovely quilted faux silk fabric in rich colors, but were otherwise pretty plain.  I was able to snatch them up for just a couple dollars each – one in each color.

Christmas stockings


The next summer, long after my brand new Christmas stockings were tucked safely under the stairs to wait for the next Christmas season, I found a stack of white crocheted snowflakes at a garage sale.  I picked those up for about 25 cents each.  If you don’t stumble upon snowflakes the way I did, you can find them at your local craft store for $1 or so.

Crocheted snowflake

Now, I really should pause here to offer a confession.  I had fully intended to crochet my OWN beautiful white snowflakes, and add them to my plain stockings.  However, after trying to do so on several different occasions, I gave it up.  Alas, I have never mastered the art of reading a crochet pattern – I’m still quite a beginner.  Perhaps someday I will give it another try.  But, back to our tutorial.

I selected one snowflake for each stocking, making sure each one was different, and handstitched one to each stocking’s cuff.  I’m no seamstress, believe me, so anyone could do this.  I simply used white thread and small stitches to tack them to the cuff at various points.  I should also point out that some of the snowflakes had previously been starched, and others had not.  I used some of each for this project and it really didn’t seem to matter one way or the other; both types were just as easy to work with.


And, that’s it!  Someday, I may handstitch our names to the cuff in white embroidery thread…or maybe just monogram them in some way.  But, for now, I like their simplicity, and each member of our family knows which color stocking belongs to them.  Each stocking features a snowflake as unique as its owner.  Mine is the red one; I’m hoping it’s stuffed full on Christmas morning.




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