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DIY Flooring:  Carpet Tile

DIY Flooring: Carpet Tile

I am in love.  Love.  Love.  Love.

The very idea that I can choose my own carpet tiles, in any pattern and any color, and create my very own masterpiece on the floor – without hiring an installer?  Outstanding!

FLOR.com let’s me do that very thing.  Whether I need wall-to-wall carpet or an area rug, the options are endless.  Oooohhhhh….the colors!


I actually have all the old carpet ripped out of my living room, and my very own, brand-new FLOR area rug designed.  It’s full of gorgeous color, pattern and texture, and it brings all the colors in the house together.  It blends beautifully with my newly-reupholstered 1960s chairs, new sofa and gorgeous round ottoman.  A splash of springtime freshness and a breath of fresh air.

Unfortunately, it’s all in my head.  At least so far.  I’m still working on bringing my husband over to the dark (albeit very colorful) side.  I’ll keep you posted.

FLOR Install

I think the concept is fantastic!  I have small children, so stains are inevitable.  Having the ability to pop out a stained carpet tile – and even rinse it off under the faucet in some cases – and replace it, is a great idea.  Saving installation costs is also a nice bonus.  And, if you aren’t as inclined to create a colorful masterpiece like these photos portray, bringing subtle texture to your room is just as easy.

And, they have an Outlet site, too!  Check it out…and have fun with your creations!

FLOR Inspiration

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