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Design Trend:  Steampunk

Design Trend: Steampunk

Steampunk design, both in fashion and in home decor, is a blend of industrial elements, Victorian design and a modern aesthetic.  It crosses many styles, ranging from the very elegant and traditional to retro industrial and modern.  Read on to see how this blended style can be used in your home decor…

Steampunk decor incorporates industrial metal machine parts, dark Gothic colors, traditional silhouettes and shapes along with an element of fantasy and science fiction.  I’ve posted before about the trend back to Victorian design and also the industrial design trend popular now.  Steampunk takes these trends, blends them together and takes them even further into the whimsical.  Take a look at this steampunk home theater.  The metallic finishes, exposed rivets and machine parts, along with deep, Gothic hues make this a unique room for taking in a movie:

steampunk home theater

Photo courtesy Vividly Vintage

Check out this wild home office featured on Beacont…the desk was fashioned out of old musical instruments, industrial parts and random salvaged items.

steampunk home office

Photo courtesy Beacont.com

For most folks, though, this type of design is a bit too “out there” to be practical.  Just because you don’t want to create a steampunk collage out of your entire home doesn’t mean you need to miss out on the look entirely.  Many rooms, like the one below, incorporate just a touch of steampunk or industrial chic design without taking it over the top:

steampunk living room

Photo courtesy Beacont.com


And, you can bring items like these found on Etsy into your home decor for a touch of steampunk fun without the full commitment:

steampunk lamp

Photo courtesy Timberson on Etsy


steampunk industrial pulleys

Photo courtesy Vintage Finds Up North on Etsy


While steampunk home decor isn’t for everyone, its vintage industrial vibe can add retro charm and personality to any home.  Choose a few pieces that have meaning for you, and bring the steampunk trend home!

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