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Design Dialogue – October 18, 2012

Design Dialogue – October 18, 2012

Hello, everyone!  Welcome to the weekly Design Dialogue!

Every Thursday, I offer you a chance to ask design questions and get some answers.  Whether you need advice on a paint color, help with a room layout or suggestions for window treatments, this is a great place to get some free design advice – just in time for those weekend projects.  Free design advice!  Or, if you want to chat about design trends, the newest colors on the market or that great piece of furniture you saw last week, this is the place.  If you spot any great deals on home decor, feel free to share them here, as well.

So, let’s get started!  Leave your questions and thoughts in the comments below.  I’ll be checking in throughout the day to offer advice and answer questions; you are also invited to answer questions posed by your fellow readers.  Let’s get this conversation started!New Kitchen

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3 Responses to Design Dialogue – October 18, 2012

  1. Sara Gibsom says:

    I have been tasked to create and revamp a tired old conference room, and i have several issues to think about.

    First thanks for the paint color advice–blue was chosen and it looks great!

    I dont have the budget to replace the furniture so I need to work with what I have. One piece is a large conference style wood table with a glass top. The glass is chipped and needs to be replaced. The table seats 10 and the glass is two separate pieces. How do I go about getting rid of the old glass and finding new glass to fit the table– is this done at furniture stores, or do I need to go to a glass place?

    Also, this table and matching shelves need to be touched up where the stain has worn– the furniture is in decent shape and doesn’t need total refinishing, but is there a product or easy way to make the furniture look new again?

    Sorry, one more question– when you design a room that is meant for professional clients to meet with you, do you have any recommendations for the room– decorations or wall hangings, etc…? The room needs to be professional but relaxing and inviting—


    • Teri says:

      Hello! Glad the blue worked out so well for you!

      About the glass: you will want to visit a glass shop for a new table top. However, depending on the size of the chips, they may be able to repair it for you instead of replacing. You could take some photos of it and see if they can repair before you haul it in there.

      Worn stain: Try Old English on it first – if the stain is darker, there is a dark Old English. They also have a lighter version of it for lighter stains. I’ve found this stuff to be a lifesaver many times on model home furniture, which gets banged around a lot.

      As for accessories in a conference room: Keep them minimal and useful. Think about things you may use during a meeting and add those: coasters, a tray and nice mugs for serving refreshments, etc. For wall art, stick with framed artwork. I would use landscapes or other neutral art that highlights the other colors in the room – nothing too feminine or specific.

      I hope that helps!

    • Teri says:

      A couple of other thoughts about artwork and accessories…

      I would recommend using larger pieces of art on the wall, rather than a bunch of smaller pieces. Position one over the credenza (if you have one), or on the empty wall. Hang them at the proper height, too, which is about 5′-3″ to the middle of the piece.

      Plants can also be a lovely addition to a conference room – if you have the sunlight to support them. Be sure to take care of them so they always look lush and green…and dust free. 🙂

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