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Custom Fabric – Designed by You

Custom Fabric – Designed by You

Have you ever struggled to find just the right fabric for a home decor project you had in mind?  Even with so many fabrics available today, it seems that sometimes the pattern, scale or colors are just not right.  Now you have another option – custom fabric!

Spoonflower offers anyone the opportunity to design their own fabric and purchase as many yards as they need.  Amazingly, the cost is very affordable, with custom-printed yardage starting at just $18 for a 42″ wide yard of fabric.  Compared to many non-custom designer fabrics that cost anywhere from $30-$80/yard, this is an amazing value.  And, it’s a fun way to stretch your creativity by creating something no one else will have!  There is no minimum yardage order, either, so if you just need a fat quarter for a quilting project, you can do that.  There is also the option of purchasing fabrics designed by other Spoonflower customers, many of whom, I must say, seem quite talented.

spoonflower custom fabric


Karma Kraft is another custom-printed fabric company, which operates a little differently than Spoonflower.  Unlike Spoonflower, they do have designers on staff who can help take your ideas and turn them into computer-generated artwork which can be printed on fabric.  They also offer a “cut and sew” service, which allows you to order pillows, tablecloths and more – all made from the fabric you design.  Prices per square (not linear yard, as most fabrics are sold) yard start at $20.

Karma Kraft custom fabric


Fabric on Demand offers their custom-printed fabrics starting at $16.25/yard, and also requires no minimum order.  They do not offer other folks’ designs for sale, however, nor do they offer a “cut-and-sew” service.  They do, however, offer a 10-day turnaround time, which is faster than each of the other two sites featured here.

Fabric on Demand custom fabric


Bottom line?  You no longer have to settle for fabrics that just aren’t quite what you wanted.  These affordable, print-on-demand custom fabric companies give anyone a chance to be a textile designer.  If you design a fabric for your next quilting, home decorating or fashion project, please let us know.  I would enjoy seeing what you have created, and may feature your photos on the site; send them along to submissions@alittledesignhelp.com.

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