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Color Trend:  Fuchsia

Color Trend: Fuchsia

Fuchsia may not be the color you first think of when you think about redecorating your home, even though it’s been a popular color on the fashion runways for several years.  But, a splash of this vibrant pink is on-trend this year, and it can perk up just about any space.  And, used in moderation, it can be used even in masculine spaces.  Read on for a peek at some pink decor…

This fuchsia rug available from Bellacor has a wonderfully unique carved edge, making a great statement in any room:

 Fuchsia rug

Hang this pendant, also available at Bellacor, over your dining room table for a splash of color:

fuchsia lighting


Fuchsia also looks great on the table – even in a traditional space.  Check out this fuchsia runner made by Noblesse and available at Etsy:

fuchsia table runner


Fuchsia blends with a variety of color schemes, making it a versatile color playmate in nearly any space.  Pair it with gray for a sophisticated punch of color, or add in a bit of turquoise for a more playful take on the trend, as in this pillow from West Elm:

fuchsia pillow


Some of the latest fabric offerings from Robert Allen give you the opportunity to bring fuchsia into your space on everything from window treatments to bedding.  Or, reupholster an accent chair in one of these bold patterns:

fuchsia fabric


Most likely, you don’t want to take over your room with a sea of pink.  But, fuchsia can make a bold, trendy statement in rooms both modern and traditional in style.  Take a new look at fuchsia; it’s not just for fashion anymore!

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