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Before and After – Another Way to Treat Arched Windows

Before and After – Another Way to Treat Arched Windows

I’ve shown you several ways to add fabric to challenging windows, but perhaps no window is more difficult to treat than a multi-level arched window.  With a taller arch flanked by shorter rectangular windows, this type of window makes the addition of fabric tough.  There are simple options, however, and here is one of them…

In this “before” photo, you can see the issues:  an arch, a wide expanse of glass and vaulted ceilings with little space above the arch for adding window treatments.  While sun control was taken care of with honeycomb shades, this homeowner was looking for a way to dress up the windows.  They look rather naked, no?

Arched window before

Here is our design solution.  Rather than force fabric into the small space above the arched window, we opted for a simple side panel arrangement.  This design maximizes the light and view, while adding softness to the window.  It also allows the arch to stand tall and remain prominent in the space.

Arched Window After

The panels also reinforce the window wall as the focal point of the room.  Using panels in the middle of the large window creates the illusion that the panels could close, when in fact there is not enough fabric to do so.

Sometimes “ignoring” the arch when creating window treatments is the best option.  It worked very well in this home!

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