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6 Ways To Use Wallpaper That Don’t Involve Walls

6 Ways To Use Wallpaper That Don’t Involve Walls

There are some amazing and gorgeous wallpapers available right now, but so many folks are afraid to install them…too many bad memories of wallpaper removal!  Can’t say that I blame them.  In honor of all the wallpaper I have removed from the walls of my home over the past several years, I thought it only appropriate that I find other ways to bring the beauty of wallpaper into any home.  (I am currently removing the last bits of an apparently-installed-with-super-glue wallpaper border that we inherited when we bought our home.  Beastly project).  Check out some of the ideas I found and bring that trendy wallpaper home…

There are about as many ways to use wallpaper on furniture as there are stars in the sky.  I’ve seen it used to line drawers, installed on the inside of a bookcase or cabinet, used on the top of a desk (under glass) and in many other ways.  However, this is one of the more unique pieces I’ve run across.  This particular dresser was missing the veneer on the two bottom drawers, so paintable textured wallpaper was used to spruce it up.  You will find the entire project – including before and after photos – on the Dumped and Discovered blog.

wallpaper on furniture

This wallpaper project, found on Apartment Therapy, features a variety of coordinating wallpapers installed on just the front of each step.  I love the accent it creates, and it would actually be removable if you take the time to prep the stair risers properly before installing the wallpaper (seal the risers to create a smooth surface, making it easier to remove the wallpaper later).

wallpaper on stairs


From stairways to windows, wallpaper creates a beautiful accent.  This simple DIY project featured on Seeing Design uses leftover wallpaper on a wood cornice to bring a designer finish to this bedroom.

wallpaper valance

On a slightly smaller scale, wallpaper can become artwork.  Whether you choose to frame a single piece of wallpaper, wrap a stretched canvas with wallpaper, or create a custom piece like the one below from By Wilma, the options are endless.

wallpaper art


Small scraps of wallpaper can become fun home accessories, too.  Wrap a small tin can with wallpaper to collect wayward pencils or contain a flower bouquet.  Cover a lampshade for a custom look in any room. Or, use them to decorate wood letters, as in the project featured on The Wood Connection.

wallpaper accessories

As useful as they are beautiful, these glass and wallpaper coasters created by the team at Martha Stewart are a great way to use up small pieces of wallpaper.  They can be custom made to match any decor.

wallpaper coaster


Wallpaper is useful for so many places other than walls.  Even if you don’t plan to install wallpaper in your home anytime soon (it’s been made easier to remove, so don’t give up on it forever!), these projects should inspire you to bring wallpaper home in other ways.  And, since you are using it in smaller – and less permanent – ways, don’t be afraid to try some of the gorgeous, on-trend wallpapers on the market today.  You won’t be sorry…

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  1. Erin says:

    The mismatched yet coordinating prints on the stairs are unexpected and lovely together. Thanks for the useful tips on reusing scraps!

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