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5 Good Reasons to Cover Your Windows

5 Good Reasons to Cover Your Windows

I admit it.  I am a little paranoid about my windows.  I fear the sun and what it does to fabrics, flooring and artwork.  Maybe this is because I have seen – too many times – the effects of the sun on interior home finishes.  It’s not pretty.  But, there is a solution – window treatments!

In my estimation, there are at least 5 good reasons to cover your windows.  Read on …

1)  Prevent sun damage and fading:  When the sun is streaming in my windows, rarely will you find my window shades open.  Why?  As much as I love the light, I want to protect my furniture!  Just as it does with your skin, the sun will do major damage on fabrics in a very short period of time, and I want to protect my investment.  Window treatments are the best way to protect the interior of your home.  Even a good-quality sheer window treatment can filter out much of the UV rays streaming into your home, minimizing damage while maximizing your light.

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2)  Privacy:  Even if you feel that your home is private, without window treatments your home is open for anyone to peek inside.  Whether it is someone driving or walking by, or a nosy neighbor, using a shade or a blind to boost the privacy in your sanctuary is never a bad thing.  Covering your windows is especially important during the evening hours, when the darkness outside makes it much easier to see into your well-lit home.  And, really, no one wants to see you in your skivvies.

3)  Security:  Much the same way that window treatments bring a sense of privacy to your home and protect your home from the sun, shades will also help you keep your home secure.  Would-be thieves look for opportunities to peek into a home to see if you have anything worth stealing.  Keeping your windows covered eliminates their ability to case your home.  In addition, keeping your shades drawn when you are away from home – whether on vacation or for dinner – keeps folks from knowing whether anyone is home.  One caveat:  Do not place shades on a porch that is unlocked!  Thieves have been known to use an unlocked enclosed porch to take their time when breaking into a home through a door or window.  With drawn shades, they can take all the time they need – out of everyone’s view.

4)  Insulation:  Whether you live in a warm or a cool climate, adding window treatments to a room will help regulate your home’s temperature.  A good shade or blind will block the sun on hot days, keeping your home cooler, while insulating against the cold air outside during the winter.  The very best shade for insulating purposes is a honeycomb or cellular shade.  The airspace inside each “cell” creates a layer of insulation at the window, enhancing the comfort of any room.

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5)  Light Control:  Instead of having the sun in your eyes during dinner, or a glare on your television every evening, try window treatments.  Whether you need something sheer to cut the glare or a shade to block out every ray of light, blinds and shades will do the trick.

6)  Bonus Reason!    Decoration:  Window treatments just look good!  Today, interior design is all about texture.  Adding a grass shade, wood blind or fabric Roman shade at the window brings another layer of texture, pattern and color to your home.  And, if you worry about covering up that great view or gorgeous woodwork, never fear.  Mount shades inside the window frame if possible, and choose something that will not take up too much room at the top of the window when it is fully raised.

If you have naked windows, please reconsider.  If not for the sake of your furniture, at least think about covering them for your neighbor’s sake.  She will thank you.

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