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Spring Color Inspiration:  Tulips

Spring Color Inspiration: Tulips

It’s April…but, you wouldn’t know it by the amount of snow and ice still on the ground here in Wisconsin!  The wind is still frigid, but I’m more than ready to see my garden in bloom.  While I’m waiting, I thought I’d share a little taste of spring with you…

Color inspiration can come from anywhere.  In the design world, we often look to fashion trends to give us a glimpse into what will be hot in home decor during the upcoming year or two.  But, another place to find wonderful inspiration for home color schemes is in the natural world.

Unfortunately, my tulips haven’t even thought about popping out of the ground yet this year, but this picture from last spring illustrates how you can use your natural surroundings to influence your color choices inside your home.


From this photo, we could pull out the colors to furnish an entire room.  Check this out:

tulip colors

From the mulch in the tulip garden, we can pull out a neutral hue for the majority of the space.  In this case, I chose “Perfect Greige” from Sherwin Williams (#6073).  You could choose something lighter or darker, more brown or more gray.  This neutral could be used on your walls, or perhaps in the carpet on the floor.

The tulips bring in our accent colors.  The colors I chose are, (from the top, and all from Sherwin Williams) “Leapfrog,” (#6431), “Gambol Gold,” (#6690) and “Peppery” (#6615).  Are these the EXACT colors in the photo?  No…probably not.  But, as designers and decorators, we can use the photo for inspiration and tweak the colors to our liking.  You could decide you want your red to be more orange – that’s fine!  Or, maybe you want to tone down the gold – also fine!  Select colors you like, and hues that work well together.  These accent colors could show up in varying amounts through the accessories and artwork in the room:  decorative pillows, an area rug, paintings, vases, flower, etc.

Look around outside your home with a fresh eye this spring, and you may just find inspiration for a new color scheme inside your home.

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