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Living Sculpture With Air Plants

Living Sculpture With Air Plants

My grandmother is a horticulturalist, and she (along with my grandpa) owned greenhouses for many years. They have amazing gardens and the plants in their home always look good.  I, unfortunately, believe that this green-thumb gene skipped me.  I seem to forget that I have houseplants, which has resulted in the demise of so many of them.  It’s sad, really.  I think I may have found a solution.

grapewood tree air plant display

Have you ever heard of “air plants?”  I found a great website that sells air plants (Tillandsia, which are a type of Bromeliad), along with some gorgeous, handblown glass globes for displaying them in.  These plants do not require any soil to grow in; instead, they take their nutrients from the air and from the water you soak them in periodically.  In the wild, they are often found growing on other plants or trees.  Think Spanish Moss dripping from the trees in Savannah…that is a Bromeliad, too.

red air plant

Although they do still require some maintenance, I’m thinking I may have better luck with these than I have with some of my other attempts at houseplants.  Plus, I just love the sculptural look of their leaves and roots!

air plant tall

Air plants can be displayed in pots, glass globes or you can even – get ready for this – glue them to a backer board and hang them on the wall!  Seriously!  Wouldn’t a whole wall of these things make an amazing display?  Like a living wall of art.  And, at just a few dollars each, they are super affordable.

air plant display

The website I found offers tons of tips for plant care, display and maintenance, so be sure to check it out before you decide to buy an air plant or two.  I can’t wait to get mine…

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