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Guest Post:  Unique DIY Crown Molding Projects

Guest Post: Unique DIY Crown Molding Projects

The following article is a guest post written by the folks at Worthington Millwork.  Read on for two unique ways to use crown molding to create decorative accents in your home.

Crown molding is the underdog of the home decorating world.  Most homeowners utilize crown molding to frame a wall or create dimension to corners and door frames in the home, but crown molding can also serve many other decorative purposes and add designer flair.

Crown molding can add a designer touch to any wall when used as a decorative wall shelf.  Wall-mounted, flat-screen televisions are the opposite of stylish, but when they are framed eloquently with dimensional crown molding, they instantly transform into a work of art.

Crown molding wall shelves

Wall Shelves

1) Measure the wall, or walls, you wish to decorate. Gather the display pieces, photo frames, vases and other items that will be displayed on the shelves. This is important so that you know how much molding to purchase. It also gives you a vague idea of the spacing requirements needed once you begin the project.

2) Visit your local hardware or molding store to purchase the type, style and color of the molding you need for the project. If you have questions about installation or the tools needed for the job, a knowledgeable sales associate is a great resource. Generally, a hammer, a level and some nails are all you will need.

3) Using a level, mark where you want the shelves to sit on the wall. Play around with asymmetry to utilize the wall’s space efficiently and add a designer look and feel to your home. Once the shelves are secure (nail them directly to the wall with finishing nails), you can play around with the arrangement of your knick-knacks and create a one-of-a-kind wall display for next to nothing.

Crown Molding TV Surround

Television Art

1) Measure your television and the projection, which is the distance from the wall to the base of your television set. If measured correctly, your molding should accentuate your television and hug it perfectly at the corners.

2) Visit your local hardware or home improvement store to choose the perfect type of molding. Worthington crown molding is an excellent and regal choice for more refined tastes. Since you are essentially creating a frame from the molding, you want to select a pattern or print with dimension to really accentuate your television and decor perfectly.

3) Once you have purchased your molding, grab your hammer and nails and begin positioning the molding around the television, carefully nailing one side at a time directly to the wall. It is important to note that once the molding is in place, it will be difficult to move the television without disassembling the entire project. It is best to complete this project over a television that you do not intend on moving.

Use your imagination; you never know what you could create with crown molding!

Crown molding shoe shelf

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