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Guest Post:  The Most Sought-After Antiques of 2012

Guest Post: The Most Sought-After Antiques of 2012

Today’s guest post comes to us from antiques expert Christian Davies.  Read on to learn about today’s most popular antiques, and how you can use them in your home decor.

The slow economy hasn’t appeared to have affected the trade in antiques for 2012 and, yet again, some antiques are making the headlines after being taken to auction. For 2012, the top ten trends were as follows:

Furniture: Bound to appear on ‘top 10’ lists for decades to come, furniture offers a real investment for buyers – and buyers are in agreement, if the trade in antique furniture for this year is any indication. For 2012, Neoclassical French furniture has offered a heavy influence, with curving legs and gold scrolling details with embellished finishes. Space age pieces were also very popular in the auction houses. Designers have, this year, sought to team up newer and older pieces of furniture in an interesting, visual juxtaposition.

Glassware: In 2012, auctioneers have seen a lot of Carnival glass being traded. With an unusual appearance and beautiful patterns displayed in an iridescent manner, it perhaps is not surprising that the glassware appears so attractive to buyers. While it is popular this year, it hasn’t always been this way. Carnival glass is named as such because of the habit of carnival vendors offering the glassware to game winners, after it originally waned in popularity. With such a bold look, it could be a wise idea to use Carnival glass alongside more simple pieces or in a plainly decorated room.

Porcelain: This popular earthenware boasts some highly valuable pieces, such as bowls and decorative vases from the Qing dynasty – and Ming dynasty too, of course. Dolls made from porcelain and Franz porcelain has been very popular in 2012, too. Porcelain can help to bring a bit of sophistication to a room. Why not try arranging deep blue porcelain French-style house number plaques in a frame and contrast with a plain white wall?

Coca Cola Antiques

Coca Cola: Antiques from Coca Cola are enduringly popular. Since its creation, the beverage brand has reproduced its famous scrolling script onto a large number of goods, including kitsch advertisements and trays. These items are very popular in 2012, but the rarer items that buyers have been looking for include gum wrappers and cigar labels. To make a bold, eye-catching statement, make a Coca Cola advertisement pride of place in your kitchen to inject some fun into the room.

Occupied Japan: After its defeat in WW2, Japan was required to mark 50 per cent of its exports with the label ‘occupied Japan’. A number of these pieces are still around today and most ‘OJ’ items on the market today are vases and pieces of porcelain. If you find an OJ piece in your collection – hang onto it. This trend is set to continue for a good while.

Lamps: For this year, lamps are big and make a real statement. Art Deco lamps have been especially popular, particularly brass ones. The glass lamp shades can range from pale creams to a maze of yellows, reds and oranges, but will always offer an unusual style. If you manage to track one down, try setting your lamp against a beautiful eggshell blue backdrop.

Bottles: Bottle collecting remains extremely popular across the US and 2012 hasn’t been an exception to this trend. From delicate scent bottles to containers for household products, collectors are always on the hunt. If you want to buy bottles, remember that if you come across the ‘ABM’ mark, this means a bottle was produced on a bottle machine from after 1903. If you see ‘Pyro’ on the bottom of a bottle, this shows the product was made after 1935. Try lining a windowsill with beautiful colored glass bottles – the more distinct and unusual, the better.

Antique jewelry
Jewelry: Big, bold, and bright pieces have given antique collectors a lot of inspiration this year. Nature-inspired jewelry has also been popular. For an unusual and unique look, try pinning oversized decorative pins to sashes and use as tie backs.

Toys: Antique playthings allow us to see a snapshot of life lived as a child in an age gone by. Dolls and games have been particularly popular in 2012, as have teddy bears. Try decorating a room with puppets or tin toys to bring some joviality into its atmosphere.

Dolls: Dolls are some of the world’s oldest toys, and were representative of every class in society. Made from wood and clay originally, dolls have progressed to be made of all sorts of materials – from porcelain, cloth, and plastic. 2012 has seen a huge array of dolls going under the hammer. Unusual or rare Barbie dolls have been popular, as have accessories and clothes for dolls.

With 2012 drawing to a close, it’ll be interesting to see what 2013 will unveil in antique buying trends. From this list, furniture is likely to stay a firm favorite with buyers. Offering functionality and beauty, furniture changes the energy of a room and can be brought up to date in a variety of ways.

Christian Davies is head of a self-named and family-run antiques firm based in the North West of England. Christian has over 25 years of experience in the antiques trade and has a particular passion for furniture from the Arts and Crafts period. For more information, visit the Christian Davis Antiques website.

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