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Guest Post:  Home Decor Styles 101

Guest Post: Home Decor Styles 101

Although it isn’t necessary to pigeon-hole yourself into one particular decorating style, it IS helpful to know the elements of each decorating style before you begin your own redecorating or home improvement project.  If you understand what’s out there, you can communicate more effectively with your designer, builder or store consultant when making the selections for your project.  Today’s guest post will give you a quick overview of just a few of the most popular home decor styles.

When the time comes for you to re-decorate your home, there is a myriad of decorating styles available for you to choose from. This article will give you an overview of the various décor styles available, allowing you to mix and match the styles to suit your own personal taste.

When transferring one element of a style from one style to another, the styles will often overlap and complement each other. For instance, if you are looking for shabby chic decorating ideas, you can mix and match features from the cottage style and French country style to create the effect that you desire.

Kitchen island outlets

A Contemporary Kitchen
Photo courtesy Landsted

Contemporary Style

The Contemporary style is based on what’s new, what’s current and what’s evolving. Black and white are both highly popular color choices when it comes to contemporary design. This style can possess a flirty flair and still maintain an elegant sophisticated feel. One of the key factors in achieving this look is keeping the lines simple and the amount of decorating to a minimum. For example, a sofa would have straight lines rather than a curved style. Lamp shades don’t have frills or flair out but have a straight edge. When choosing a bed, you should choose a headboard with straight lines and no rounded edges. If you would like to add a bit more elegance to this design, try including a fairly old glass chandelier, this will add a bit of contrast to an otherwise modern style.

Beach cottage kitchen and fireplace

A Beach Cottage
Photo courtesy Landsted

Cottage Style

The cottage decorating style will add a warm, welcoming feel to any room. To create a feeling of old charm, you can combine mix wood species and add lightly painted items of distressed furniture. Floral patterns on bedding and curtains will create a feeling of fun and warmth. Shutters can add a cottage feel to windows that don’t have curtains. Light, muted colors along with cream and white are the hallmarks of this style. Shelving on walls is a great way to display and organize items. Also, if you are lucky enough to have a vintage sink, don’t get rid of it as this will add more appeal to your bathroom.

mid-century art

Mid Century Modern

Modern Style

The modern decor style has been popular ever since its emergence during the late 1920’s. If a piece of furniture is classified as being from the mid-20th century, it is often referred to as modern. The modern style emphasizes the need for function and form, this is what is regarded as streamlined and mass produced furniture. Although the terms “contemporary interior design” and “modern interior design” are often the cause of confusion, there is quite some difference between the two.

Kitchen remodel

A Traditional Kitchen

Traditional Style

The traditional style is comfortable yet sophisticated and will bring out the Southern Belle in anyone. A mixture of large antique mirrors, traditional leather sofas, luxurious ample draperies and 18th century French chairs all contribute in creating this warm style. Rich colored wood tones on coffee tables, end tables and dining tables are instrumental in creating this look. Although this style can seem stuffy on occasions, you can increase its family friendliness by keeping things a bit more simple.

Rachel Ashwell Shabby Chic Bedroom

Shabby Chic
Photo courtesy Rachel Ashwell

Shabby Chic

Shabby Chic is a comfortable, casual home style with a look that makes good use of vintage accessories and comfortable furniture. Although homeowners have been living with lightly painted items of furniture and soft floral fabrics for a long time, English interior designer Rachel Ashwell identified this style and called it Shabby Chic®.

farmhouse kitchen

A Rustic Kitchen
Photo courtesy Crystal Cabinets; Designed by: Sarah Aldrich Photography by: Maggie Cole

Rustic style

The rustic style focuses heavily on natural products that are usually unfinished, showcasing the natural beauty of the elements without too much polishing. Reclaimed wood is a common element of the rustic style, with the natural slits and aging of the wood grain working well to decorate ceilings, floors, and cabinets, as well as door trim. Tumbled stones are a preferred choice for this style; they have a great deal of rough and natural beauty that really compliments other items and accessories. Rather than paint or wallpaper, stucco is commonly used.

French provincial room

French Country Living Room
Photo courtesy ChristopheLiving

French Country Style

Elegant with a relaxed French Countryside feel, this style oozes romance and charm. Gilded furniture, lush drapes and fabrics are all hallmarks of the French Country style. Choosing butcher block countertops rather than granite or marble, along with distressed cabinets in the kitchen will keep the integrity of this country style. Flea market finds help create a cottage feel. Floral fabrics and antiques will add the extra French flair. Having frilly pillows on the beds will make the space inviting and cozy.

This article was brought to you by David at Thomas Lloyd Leather Furniture, David is a passionate home décor enthusiast and regularly blogs about subjects such as interior design and home improvement.

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  1. Thanks for showing all of the different design choices! I think I am a contemporary girl myself! Nice article!

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