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Guest Post:  Benefits of Casement Windows

Guest Post: Benefits of Casement Windows

Today’s guest post comes to us from Jennifer Rossi.  Windows can have a huge impact on the style, comfort and energy-efficiency of our homes.  Read on to learn more about the benefits of installing casement windows in your home.

We all want to own a house. But, when we come to owning our own homes, we are faced with a load of costs that come with it. One of the big expenses is our energy bills. But because we own our homes we can do something about it. The windows in our houses are potential points of conducting the extreme heat or cold from the outside into our living space. While ratings and certifications like NFRC, AAMA, Energy Star, etc. will help us choose the better company for its product and its components, the following principles related to the operational design of windows will help you in choosing the right type of window for your home.

casement window

Casement windows offer energy efficiency

Casement windows are generally considered to offer optimum energy saving value. This is because their sashes tightly press against the frame to form a fairly good air seal, and because they can be opened. So, when the weather is pleasant you can open the windows to allow natural ventilation, thus saving on energy costs for heating or cooling. Casement windows are hinged on one side, and its benefit of energy savings is thus applicable to other variations like the top hinged awning type and the bottom hinged hopper type windows.

Other window types like sliding and hung windows (can be either single or double-sliding, or single or double-hung) have a higher amount of air leakage because their sashes slide with some necessary looseness for their operation. So even if weather strips run along the frame, they are not considered as good as the tightly press-closed casement windows. They’re considered to be less effective in reducing your energy bills. But, if you still like them, you can choose them for the least windy sides of your house; you’ll just need to consider their reduced energy efficiency.

For even greater energy-efficiency, look for glass like the Comfort 365 from Champion Window. This type of glass can save you even more on your energy bills as they help keep the warmth in during winter and minimize heat entry during summer.

Casement windows offer aesthetic value

If you’re looking for windows for vertical window openings or to combine with a picture window or bay and bow windows, you’ll find casement windows the perfect choice. They’re easy to operate, and some manufacturers have designed them in such a way that they open enough to reach both sides. So, the outside and inside of your windows can be cleaned from the inside.

Casement windows can also be custom-designed to match the architectural design of your home with exterior moldings for a stylish look.

Look for manufacturers that can offer you a lifetime warranty on materials and installation. This will save you a significant amount on long term maintenance costs.

Jennifer Rossi has worked for 6 years as a real estate agent.  Her interest in interior decoration and home improvement led her to pick up practical tips on home repairs and renovations. From replacement windows and doors to siding, roofing, landscaping, re-modelling patio rooms and sun rooms, Jennifer shares her knowledge through articles that she hopes will provide her readers with the information they’re looking for.

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