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Glass Tile:  Quality Matters

Glass Tile: Quality Matters

Until I saw this graphic recently, I had no idea that every glass tile wasn’t essentially the same.  I did notice, however, that the price of glass tiles can vary wildly.  Now I know why.

Oceanside Glass, a company based on the West Coast, makes fabulous glass tiles out of recycled glass.  I’ve been using it for years, and it’s definitely NOT the cheapest glass tile on the market.  But, I didn’t realize that the price reflected more than just their unique finishes, interesting color blends and unusual shapes.  Check out this information they shared recently on their Facebook page:

Oceanside Glass Quality Info

From the information above:  “A properly annealed glass tile will have a consistent dark appearance, with little or no light areas, when viewed under a polariscope….Unsophisticated or primitive manufacturing techniques can result in product inconsistencies and defects…Annealing glass is critical to its durability; glass with latent stress is more likely to fail in demanding installations.”  You can see glass made by Oceanside Glass on the left, while the inferior glass is shown on the right.

While it may not be a big deal if you are installing glass tile on your kitchen backsplash, the strength and integrity of the glass makes a big difference when you install it in an outdoor location, such as a swimming pool, or on your entry foyer floor.  Before you buy glass tile, make sure you know what you’re getting for your money.  That cheaper glass tile made overseas may not really be such a bargain after all.

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  1. Geri Corum says:

    Quality does matter, agree with that. You have select glass tiles very carefully or at least check them while they get installed.

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