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Fireplace Tile Inspiration

Fireplace Tile Inspiration

If you’re considering tile around your fireplace, you may be confused by all the options out there.  With some imagination, you can create a custom look all your own.  Here are just a few fireplaces to inspire you…

This fireplace features slate tiles with a glass mosaic tile accent.  The glittery, iridescent glass contrasts with the rough, rustic texture of the slate and it all blends beautifully with the cherry cabinetry and mantle.

slate and glass fireplace

In this example, limestone tiles were custom-cut into rectangular and square pieces of different sizes and mixed with granite tile accents in 2 different colors:

modular stone fireplace

This fireplace features just one tile with an intricate glazed pattern.  When grouped together, the tiles create a graphic pattern that highlights the traditional look of this neo-Victorian home.  This fireplace took careful planning, since we wanted the tiles to remain in full pieces to preserve the pattern; careful measuring was required!

Library fireplace


This contemporary fireplace features just one porcelain tile in a larger scale.  The lightly metallic tile has a fabric-like texture and created a quiet statement on this lower level fireplace.  Installing the tile floor to ceiling, and eliminating the mantle, accentuates the height of the room.

modern tile fireplace

In this custom fireplace, limestone and granite tiles were cut by hand and arranged in a striped pattern around the firebox:

Stone tile fireplace


Using custom tiles, this homeowner selected patterns that reflected the use of the room.  This music room houses a piano and several guitars.  Again, with careful planning, this musical mural surrounds the firebox and gives a hint to both the purpose of the room and the personalities of the homeowners.

fireplace tile

Almost any tiles will work on a fireplace.  Since a fireplace is the focal point of the room, it makes sense to make a statement with whatever material you surround them with.  And, the smaller square footage allows you to upgrade to a more expensive tile without breaking your budget.  Have fun and be creative with your fireplace design and the result will be a unique look that you can enjoy for years to come.

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