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Design Trend:  New Tile Shapes

Design Trend: New Tile Shapes

Shaped ceramic and stone tiles are everywhere this year!  While the “standard”  and most common tile shape is still the 12″ square, there are so many more shapes and sizes to choose from today.  Check out a few of the best options out there…

Walker Zanger is one of the premier tile companies in the world.  They have gorgeous tile collections that you really need to see to believe.  This Marquis Pattern Field Tile looks more like wood molding than ceramic tile:

Walker Zanger Marquis Pattern tile

The Ashbury Pattern from Walker Zanger is another great tile pattern.  The tiles are mesh-mounted (meaning, there is a mesh on the back of the tiles which keep them together for easy installation.  The are mounted in 12″x12″ sheets, typically) for quick, easy installation.

Walker Zanger Ashbury Pattern

Or, how about ovals?  That’s a shape you don’t see very often in ceramic tile!  Walker Zanger has so many unique shapes, I cannot possibly show them all here.  Be sure to visit their website to see them all!

Walker Zanger Oval Tile

Oceanside Glass also has come unique tile patterns available (see more of their tiles in my previous article, plus information on their outlet site!)  The Interlude pattern is geometric and mod, but still has a touch of rustic quality about it:

Oceanside Glass Pattern tile

Their Prose pattern features thin pencil tiles, 1/2″ x 4″.  The long, narrow pencil look has been especially popular over the past couple of years, and you can find it in all colors, materials and styles.  Some are as long as 12″ or more!

Oceanside Glass tile pattern

Even stone tiles have gotten into the act.  This flagstone pattern by American Olean is not new, but it is a great example of how stone can be used in a rustic, irregular pattern.

AO Flagstone

Jasba has a line of penny tiles in great colors.  Tiles no longer need to be square or rectangular; these round options work well in many applications!

Jasba Centino Pattern


If you have a tile project in your future, but sure to check out these latest tile shapes!  You will find all of these tile options at tile shops in cities around the country.

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