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Design Trend:  Hexagons and Honeycomb

Design Trend: Hexagons and Honeycomb

Geometric designs are always in fashion to some degree or another.  But, right now, honeycombs and hexagons have taken center stage in the world of interior design.  Read on for a peek at just a few of the hexagonal home decor items you will find on the market today…

This Honeycomb Silk decorative pillow from West Elm adds a bit of punch to any sofa or bed:

honeycomb pillow

This version of the honeycomb pillow takes on a slightly different look; the hexagons have been elongated to create more of a garden trellis look.  This pillow is also from West Elm, and it is available in my colors:

hexagon pillows

Also from West Elm, the Hex Side Table utilizes the hexagon motif in its marble top.  They can also be grouped together for a larger setting:

Hex side table

Much like the honeycomb pillows above, these Flatweave Extended Diamond Rugs from Restoration Hardware feature a stretched version of the hexagon motif:

Hexagon rug

CB2 has a new bedding set, D’abeille , which features 3D honeycombs on a gray background:

hexagon bedding

Hexagonal tiles have been around for decades, often used in historic homes and buildings.  Today, they are popular once again, and available in simple porcelain versions (like the one below from American Olean) and glass or stone options:

hex tile

Take a look around your local home decor shops for hexagons and honeycombs; you’ll be surprised at how many places this shape turns up.  This fun geometric motif can bring a bit of the ‘trendy’ into your home; give it a try!

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