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Design Trend:  Antlers

Design Trend: Antlers

If you live with a hunter, chances are good that you’ve had a conversation or two about the display of antlers, deer heads, or other hunting “trophies” in your home.  My husband is eagerly awaiting the day when he takes a deer large enough to qualify for a full head and shoulder mount – and, he wants that little gem to be displayed right over the sofa….staring me in the eyeballs.  Thankfully, I haven’t had to worry about that just yet.  Even better, antlers have become quite the popular little home decor items over the past year.  Maybe now we can BOTH be happy with antlers in the house.  🙂

Antlers – whether faux or real – have a wonderful, graphic quality about them.  No two are ever alike, and their winding, organic shapes make them perfect for use in home decor.  They’ve  been available on light fixtures for decades, but only more recently have antlers become a go-do decorating item in other ways.  No longer just for hunters’ homes and rustic cabins, antlers have found their way into the mainstream.  Read on to see some of the ways you can bring antlers into your home decor…

A collection of faux antler mounts creates a subtle, yet graphic display when used in a large group.  Ballard Designs offers 5 different pieces in different sizes, making it easy to create your own dramatic display:


Ballard antlers


Even antlers that aren’t really antlers can be found in today’s trendy decor.  These wooden candleholders from West Elm evoke the spirit of antlers, but they are not an exact replica of anything real:

 Wood antler candlestick


Faux animal mounts are another way antlers – and animals in general – have found their way into our homes.  These paper mache’ versions of exotic creatures also from West Elm are stunning when grouped together – and much less expensive and probably less illegal than the real thing:

faux animal mounts

Not only are natural and white antlers popular, but antlers are now being painted to create an entirely new look.  This piece created by Cassandra Smith and available on Etsy, is a great example of something new and interesting made from a rather ordinary item:

Etsy painted antlers

You can serve cheese at your next party with this antler cheese set available from Target:

antler cheese serving set

Or, display these antlers from Bellacor on your bookshelf for natural appeal:


These moose antlers from Restoration Hardware would certainly add drama to a room – if you have the space — these measure nearly 4 feet wide!

faux moose antlers

Whether you decide to use real or faux antlers in your home, displaying just one or an entire collection, antlers and faux taxidermy can be a dramatic decorative element in any room.  And, they may just make both you and the hunter in your life happy.  🙂

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