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Design Dialogue – January 31, 2013

Design Dialogue – January 31, 2013

Hello, everyone – it’s time for your chance at FREE interior design advice…Welcome to the weekly Design Dialogue!  It’s REALLY cold here this week – what better time to plan your next remodeling or redecorating adventure?  🙂 

Every Thursday, I offer you a chance to ask design questions and get some answers.  Whether you need advice on a paint color, help with a room layout or suggestions for window treatments, this is a great place to get some free design advice – just in time for those weekend projects.  Free design advice!  Or, if you want to chat about design trends, the newest colors on the market or that great piece of furniture you saw last week, this is the place.  If you spot any great deals on home decor, feel free to share them here, as well.

So, let’s get started!  Leave your questions and thoughts in the comments below.  I’ll be checking in throughout the day to offer advice and answer questions; you are also invited to answer questions posed by your fellow readers.  Let’s get this conversation started!New Kitchen

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2 Responses to Design Dialogue – January 31, 2013

  1. Kate says:

    I’m currently designing a bedroom, its approx. 4x5metres. I have a built in wardrobe and I need to work around the room with other pieces of furniture. – bed, wardrobe, desk.
    The theme I have for it, is “beach”. I have already painted the walls, 3 walls are painted “Sateen Snow” which is a very pale green/yellow. The remaining wall is a feature wall, which is painted a sky blue/ sea breeze colour.
    I’m meaning to get a new desk, where could I purchase an affordable desk from? and how much would it cost? All where I’ve looked are over $200.
    I also have photoframes that I can easily paint, but I’m having difficulties matching a colour to the “Sateen Snow” colour. Do you have any ideas I could use for painting these frames?
    I need to purchase a new light because the existing one does not go with the room, where could I purchase one that is affordable?
    Thank you for your time.

    • Teri says:

      Hello! Thanks for visiting the site! Here are my thoughts…

      First, about the desk…depending on the size you are looking for, $200 is a pretty reasonable cost for a desk. You may find something on Bellacor.com that could work for you, but many are over that price range. Depending on style/features you need, you may also have some luck at IKEA or Crate & Barrel or CB2 (a sister company of Crate & Barrel). Another option is to find a desk locally that needs a little work and create a piece that will work for your space. I did this with an old desk I found for $20 or so at a yard sale; I repainted it to match my daughter’s room and it looks fantastic! Even with the cost of 3 paint colors, it was well under $100.

      Depending on where you plan to display the picture frames, you could paint them a couple of different ways. First, if you plan to display on the Sateen Snow wall or on the desk, you could paint them in the sky blue color to tie things together nicely. Or, to bring in another “beachy” element, you could try a sandy color…warm beige/gray. Another option is to add a pop of contrasting color – maybe a sunny, golden yellow (brighter than the wall color) or tangerine? If you use this option, be sure to repeat the color in a couple other places in the room so it doesn’t seem out of place – maybe a throw pillow or a piece of art.

      I hope these ideas help you to finish out your redecorating project!

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