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Guest Post:  Christmas Colors For a Festive Home

Guest Post: Christmas Colors For a Festive Home

Today’s guest post was written by Steph Stazko.  Read on for some tips on bringing holiday color into your home this Christmas season…

When inviting your family into your home at Christmas, it’s always nice to welcome a little festivity beforehand. Bringing accessories and joyful colours into your home will create a merry atmosphere for any visitor – expected or unexpected. There are a variety of accessories which can be added to your home, but most importantly, which colours are the best for that demanded Christmassy feel?

Here we take a look at what colours are in this year for Festive accessorizing, just in time for inviting the family over for turkey, wine or parties — or a little bit of all three!

green and red wreath

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Holly Green

Holly green represents eternal life. Adding bits of green throughout your home is easily done, especially with Christmas trees and wreaths being some of the key accessories. Green candles can be placed throughout your home combined with a green Christmassy smell. Not only will these green accessories be perfect for bringing a little Christmas cheer into your home, they will invite festive aromas throughout your home, especially if you use real, living materials such as Christmas tree trimmings. Holly green would be perfect placed near the door like a hallway or a grand sitting room, as it will welcome the outdoors in and work perfectly with your Christmas tree.

Berry Red

For some, berry reds represent the blood of Christ; for others red is just a warm and inviting colour which is perfect at Christmas time. Introducing accent colours of reds running throughout your home is perfect for a cheerful Christmas theme. It can be as simple as changing cushion covers and adding cinnamon scented candles; but, the easiest way to bring in Christmas reds is by decorating your Christmas tree with red baubles and other glittery red accessories. Create a warm welcoming home, and shake away all the icy cold weather outside. Berry red is a colour which will work any room of the house. Why not try it burning next to a fire? That way the colour will work both physically and mentally.

icy blue Christmas decor

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Frosty Blues

Blues and lighter colours are very fashionable colours, especially when it comes to Christmas. Not only are lighter blues ideal for Christmas, they are wonderful for all year round which means you can go the whole hog and buy and paint as many accessories as you like. Not only will people be astonished by your quick transformation at Christmas, they will be amazed at the trendy interior of your home all year round. Adding a large frosty blue rug will welcome the outside weather in, in a snug and cozy way. Little extras dotted about the house, such as icy snow flakes and white or baby blue twinkle lights draping over door frames will create your very own winter lodge. Chilly blue will also work perfectly in bedrooms and bathrooms, in keeping with a slick and spotless design.

Any of these colours can be incorporated into your house quickly and efficiently. Remember, this is your space and your home, so pick a Christmas colour trend which suits you and your tastes. That way, people visiting will be welcomed by not only a beautiful festive interior, but little pieces of your personality, also.

This guest post was written by Steph from Bathshack.com who retail bathroom suites, accessories and furniture in Northern Ireland.

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