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BluDot Swapmeet – March 5, 2012

BluDot Swapmeet – March 5, 2012

If you’ve never heard of Blu Dot, you are missing out!  This Minneapolis, MN-based furniture company was built on the premise that good design shouldn’t have to cost a fortune – they are men after my own heart.

Beginning on Monday, March 5, visit their Swap Meet site for an unusual opportunity.  Instead of buying their furniture outright, you can barter for it!   According to their site, the stranger the barter request, the better.  They once traded a sofa for a custom-written song by a musician in New York.

Blu Dot Sofa

Blu Dot has a variety of furniture and accessories in their catalog – from sofas and sectionals to accessories and bedroom furniture.  They have a clean, simple and modern aesthetic.  To keep their items affordable, many of them require simple assembly, which keeps shipping costs minimal.  You can purchase online or in one of their retail stores around the country.

If any of you negotiate a sweet trade for some furniture or accessories, I want to hear about it – be sure to come back and tell us about it!

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