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Before and After: Upcycled Jeans

Before and After: Upcycled Jeans

I was recently asked to contribute an article and project to the Decorating page on Answers.com…how fun is that?  I was honored, and now I’d love to share that project with you!

The featured project is Locker Pockets, which I made from old blue jeans…the holey ones.  They are super-simple to make, and they can be personalized and made in any colors or style!  You can see the full project, with instructions, here.  I had so much fun making them; now to figure out how to use the rest of the jeans!  So many projects….so little time.  🙂

locker pocket upcycled jeans


And, if you simply don’t want to make your own, I do have them for sale at my shop, RE:Treats, which can be found inside Hello the House in Hudson, WI.  Stop by sometime!

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