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Before and After:  Exterior Home Renovation

Before and After: Exterior Home Renovation

It’s amazing what seemingly small changes can do to the front of a home.  Take, for example, this set of before and after pics.

This home was a fairly typical rambler – nothing special.  The front entry consisted of a small set of plain concrete steps with no shelter and little curb appeal.

exterior home

The simple peaked roof got the job done, but wasn’t really interesting.

exterior home

The homeowners didn’t want to change the siding on the entire house, so they needed to select their changes carefully to salvage as much of it as they could.  The shingles are new (in fact, the need for a new roof sparked this entire project!), and the brick was replaced with manufactured stone.  A gable was added above the garage door for architectural interest.

exterior home renovation

The front entry is stunning.  From the new stamped concrete front porch to the wood front door and columns, the transformation is amazing.  This formerly-bland entry is now inviting and full of character.  Talk about curb appeal!

front entry remodel

I hope this renovation will leave you with some inspiration for your next project.  Remember, you don’t necessarily need to scrap everything you have to make a huge impact on the exterior of your home.  A few strategic changes can give you a new look on a much lower budget.

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