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Before and After:  Bay Window Valance

Before and After: Bay Window Valance

There are many ways to add style and punch to bay windows.  Sometimes, a simple valance is all that is needed.

I’ve posted before and after photos of several different types of window treatments on bay windows.  These angled windows can be tricky, but they also add so much interest to a space.  While drapery panels are one option, here is another – a valance.

In this living room, the homeowner planned to keep the wood blinds for sun control, but wanted to add some fabric for color, pattern and softness.  We could have opted to install a window treatment OUTSIDE the bay window bump-out; sometimes that works best.  In this case, however, we decided to install a board-mounted valance inside the alcove, following the angles of the walls.

Bay Window Before

Here is the final result.  The simple pleated valance design, with a contrasting band along the bottom, adds softness and style without taking up too much of the view or blocking too much light.  We used the deep cinnamon contrast band to accent the other accessories in the room and to add a custom touch.

Bay Window After

This was also a cost-effective way to add a custom window treatment to such a large window.  The valance uses a minimum amount of fabric, unlike more elaborate designs.  And, since the valance is mounted on a board and installed with simple L-brackets, the hardware costs are minimal.

Bay windows can be tricky – but not impossible – when it comes to window treatments.  Consider bringing the colors of your room together with a simple pleated valance.

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